There are Obamacare coverage eligibility requirements in Texas that applicants must meet to qualify for coverage. To find out if you are a person who is eligible for Obamacare, you must present a qualifying income estimate, an acceptable citizenship status and adhere to a few other guidelines.

To find out more about how to qualify for ACA health insurance coverage, read over the following helpful sections:

  • What are the requirements to apply for the Affordable Care Act in Texas?
  • Who is eligible for Obamacare in Texas?
  • What are the Affordable Care Act income requirements in Texas
  • What Are the Requirements to Apply for the Affordable Care Act in Texas?

Those asking, “What are the requirements to apply for the Affordable Care Act coverage?” may be worried about qualifying. The Texas Obamacare coverage eligibility requirements allow a large group of United States citizens and eligible immigrants to qualify for ACA coverage. In order to apply successfully for Affordable Care Act coverage in TX, applicants must:

  • Apply by the application closing date.
  • Meet income requirements.
  • Have required information, such as household and income information.
  • Live in the United States (be a U.S. resident for tax purposes).
  • Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. National or lawfully present immigrant with an eligible immigration status.
  • Not be currently incarcerated.

For those still unsure about how to qualify for ACA coverage, here are a few brief explanations of the above classifications. The term ‘U.S. citizen’ includes applicants born in the U.S. as well as applicants born outside of the U.S. who became citizens through naturalization, adoption, parentage or operation of law. While, the term ‘lawfully present’ excludes undocumented immigrants, it includes classes of immigrants who possess ‘qualified non-citizen’ status, humanitarian status and non-immigrant visas. The phrase “live in the United States” refers to the applicant’s status as a ’resident’ of the United States for tax purposes. ’Incarcerated’ simply means, “currently serving time in a prison or jail” and does not refer to anyone on house arrest, probation or parole. Healthcare petitioners held in jail but have not been convicted of a crime are eligible to apply for Obamacare in Texas.

Who Is Eligible for Obamacare in Texas?

While most U.S. citizens and eligible immigrants can purchase healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s online Marketplace, only some applicants will qualify for a lower monthly premium and other savings on insurance. Applicants who meets the income guidelines and the other Obamacare coverage eligibility requirements in Texas are eligible for a lower monthly premium. A petitioner who is eligible for Obamacare subsidies will qualify for funds such as cost-sharing reductions. In fact, more than 8 in 10 applicants who apply for Obamacare will qualify for some type of savings. Healthcare applicants who have pre-existing medical conditions are eligible for health insurance coverage through the TX Affordable Care Act. The ACA in Texas prevents health insurance companies from denying coverage or charging a higher coverage rate to applicants with pre-existing conditions.

Adults 26 years of age and younger may be eligible for coverage under a parent’s healthcare plan. These adults can stay on a parent’s plan even if they are married, currently attending school, do not live in a parent’s home or are not their parents’ claimed dependent.

Although, the open enrollment period for healthcare coverage ends in January, certain applicants are eligible for Obamacare registration outside of the normal registration period. Examples of healthcare petitioners who qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) include a healthcare beneficiary who turns 26 years of age while covered by his or her parent’s insurance plan, an applicant who has a new child and an applicant who was recently married.

Most applicants who have insurance through a job will not qualify for savings though Obamacare, unless the job-based insurance fails to meet established requirements. If an applicant’s job-based coverage is both affordable and meets minimum coverage standards, the applicant will not be eligible for savings on insurance under the ACA. However, individuals who have recently lost a job and job-based coverage may be eligible for savings through the Affordable Care Act.

What Are the Affordable Care Act Income Requirements in Texas?

Those who want to know how to qualify for ACA in TX will find that eligibility is dependent on income requirements. However, discovering what are the Affordable Care Act income requirements also means factoring the household size of the applicant. Income requirements depend on the applicant’s household size as well as the total estimated household income.

For instance, a family of four in Texas will need to have an estimated annual household income between $60,751 and $97,200 to qualify for lower monthly premiums. A Texas family of four with an annual household income of less than $60,750 will qualify for both lower monthly premiums and extra savings. While a family for four with a household income less than $24,300 per year will not qualify for savings under the Affordable Care Act, they may qualify for Medicaid. If an applicant appears to qualify for Medicaid, an ACA representative will automatically forward the application to the state’s Medicaid authority.

To qualify for ACA insurance savings in Texas, applicants must first estimate household income for the coverage year. To determine income and eligibility, the applicant must combine the estimated income of any household member (including the applicant, a spouse and all tax dependents) who is required to file a tax return. The income estimate should include salaries, wages, unemployment compensation, Social Security income, alimony, capital gains and other income sources. However, the income estimate does not take into account some sources of income including child support, gifts, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Worker’s Compensation.