Direct Deposit

If you do not want to wait any longer for your Texas benefits to arrive, you have another option: Sign up for direct deposit, and get your benefits deposited into your account immediately. Direct deposit is the perfect solution for food stamps and unemployment beneficiaries, but it can offer convenience for anyone these days. With direct deposit, you will receive paychecks, tax refunds and other payments as early as possible.

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Direct Deposit and Food Stamps

Instead of requiring you to pick up your food stamps or wait for them to arrive in the mail, SNAP direct deposit allows you to receive benefits directly on an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. There is no waiting required, either. The benefits will appear in your account as soon as they are available. Conveniently, the EBT card works like a debit or credit card. Simply scan it at the checkout counter at a SNAP-authorized food retailer, and review your account balance whenever you wish.

Direct Deposit and Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment beneficiaries rely on their unemployment insurance checks while they look for a new job. Unlike other benefits programs, unemployment insurance requires recipients to make a request when they need a benefits payment. Forgetting to make a request can mean a serious delay in receiving an unemployment check. With direct deposit, beneficiaries can get unemployment benefits in their bank account just one or two days after making a request. Additionally, direct deposit prevents a check from becoming lost or stolen in the mail.

Other Benefits of Direct Deposit

Direct deposit makes everyday transactions, such as paying rent and depositing paychecks, much more convenient. And opening a direct deposit account is just as simple. Anyone with direct deposit can avoid trips to the bank, which saves time and money. Direct deposit is also much safer, as it requires fewer people handling your check and banking information.