Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – provides qualified children with proper healthcare. CHIP in Texas covers visits to the doctor, necessary vaccines, any needed prescriptions, lab tests and x-rays. What is covered by CHIP Medicaid also includes dental care, necessary eye wear and rides to the doctor, as needed. Texas CHIP also includes any needed hospital care for qualified children. “Is CHIP considered Medicaid?” This can be answered by explaining the program’s core purpose, which is to provide healthcare to children whose families make too much money to qualify for TX Medicaid, but cannot afford private insurance.

What is CHIP Medicaid? It is providing healthcare to families whose parents either do not receive health insurance through their workplace or cannot afford the healthcare plan that is offered through their employer. Medicaid for children enables qualified children to receive healthcare if their parent’s employer does not offer health coverage for children.

CHIP in TX is available to those under 19 years of age or a primary care giver with an uninsured child under the age of nineteen. Medicaid eligibility for children includes a certain number of criteria. CHIP applicants must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident. Only the child is required to be a legal citizen of the U.S., as no information is gathered about the citizenship of the child’s parents. TX Medicaid for children is only offered to Texas residents under nineteen years of age, however, Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program can be offered to children up to age twenty in select cases. CHIP and Medicaid enrollment is open to pregnant women of any age in order to receive coverage for the unborn child. CHIP can provide perinatal services for a woman’s baby.

Medicaid eligibility for children is determined by an income limit that must be met by the family applying for benefits. Families that qualify must have an annual income less than a certain amount, according to the size of the household. What is covered by CHIP Medicaid is determined by the household income. For example, the annual income limit for a family of two is $32,360, and the maximum income for a family of three is $40,723. Texas CHIP applicants in a household of four must not exceed an annual income of $49,086 in order to qualify for benefits. A five-person household cannot surpass an annual income of $57,449 to be eligible. For households larger than eight people, the income limit increases by $8,403 for each additional individual. The annual income limit increases with each added household member. The annual income limit is taken before taxes.

Texas CHIP enrollment may cost $50 or less per year depending on the size of the household. Medicaid enrollment does not have any cost and there are no fees for co-pays. Texas Medicaid requires no co-pays for services. CHIP in TX may require a co-pay for certain medical services, depending on the annual income of the household. How to apply for CHIP benefits can be completed through numerous different options. CHIP applicants can apply by phone, mail or by fax. How applicants apply for CHIP by phone is by calling the toll-free number provided on the official government website and beginning the application with a representative. The rest of the application will be mailed to the applicant with a list of necessary documents that must be mailed back to receive benefits.

Texas CHIP applicants must provide documentation proving income, residency and any other added expenses that may determine eligibility. CHIP and Medicaid enrollment is determined through proof of income, which can be provided by an applicant’s pay stubs, unemployment or social security payment stubs. Residency can be proven through utility or other bills with an address and citizenship can be shown through one’s social security number, birth certificate, or U.S. passport. CHIP applicants in TX must send any proof of other expenses paid, such as child support, alimony or child care costs. The amount paid to cover these care expenses must be shown through a canceled check or some sort of pay statement.

Texas CHIP enrollment can also be completed by mail or fax through a paper application. Applications can be printed off of the official government website, and be sent through the mail or fax with all necessary information filled in. Medicaid eligibility for children requires all necessary information and documents to be sent via mail or fax with the paper application in order to qualify for benefits. It is crucial to ensure all answers are filled in and the application is signed where necessary in order to expedite the application process and allow the child to receive the proper healthcare that is needed.