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Medicaid is a Federal and State-funded health insurance program enacted in 1965 that is provided to low-income individuals and families in America. What is Medicaid accomplishing now? Medicaid is covering over 72.5 million people with health insurance. It provides mandatory care to low-income individuals, pregnant women, as well as those receiving social security benefits. Medicaid provides inpatient hospital services, outpatient hospital services, nursing facility services, home health services, family planning services, laboratory and x-ray services and transportation services to medical care, among other health services that are beneficial to qualified participants. Medicaid is the largest need-based health insurance provider to low-income families in the United States.

Texas Medicaid provides health insurance to over 4 million low-income Texas residents. It covers half of the children in need of insurance within the state as well as a third of those in nursing homes who need constant care. Medicaid pays for healthcare services needed, including doctor, clinic and hospital visits. Benefits also cover prescriptions, labs or x-rays. Texas Medicaid will even provide necessary eyewear or glasses. Furthermore, Medicaid covers family planning,  pregnancy and childbirth care. Mental health and drug and alcohol treatment are also available through the program. Medicaid covers nursing home care in addition to any needed care within a participant’s home.

Information about Medicaid transportation services to get to the doctor, dentist or drug store is available for participants. Different types of therapy are covered, such as occupational, physical, or speech therapy. Medicaid has not yet expanded coverage to low-income adults. Medicaid does allow a participant to receive care from more than one general doctor or receive the same medicine from more than one doctor. Information about Medicaid in Texas is further explained through the bullet points below:

  • CHIP in Texas details
  • Breakdown of Texas Medicaid eligibility requirements
  • How to apply for Medicaid in TX
  • Cost of Medicaid and what is covered under TX Medicaid
  • Medicaid in Texas FAQ’S