Being sick is not only an inconvenience, it can affect every aspect of an individual’s life. Feeling ill affects a person’s work, home life, and overall well-being. Having healthcare coverage allows individuals and families to quickly receive treatment for common ailments and sicknesses, but there are alternatives that do not require an office visit or a co-pay. Natural methods of healing are gaining popularity as society has put greater importance on holistic health by maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Many common ailments can be improved or even cured through natural methods. There are numerous natural remedies that simply require household items and common foods, with little effort needed to have a positive impact on a person’s physical condition.

Stomach issues can be extremely uncomfortable. Although many medicines are available over-the-counter for stomach relief, a natural solution to curing nausea is frozen ginger chips. Start by infusing ginger in hot water and then freezing ginger-solution in ice cube trays. Breaking up the cubes once frozen and sucking on the infused ice chips will help settle the stomach. A sore throat is a common ailment during the winter months, and an easy way to get rid of the pain is to gargle a cup of warm water mixed with six pressed garlic cloves. Do this twice daily for three days and reap benefits of the healing results. Fresh garlic juice has been proven to fight pain-causing bacteria. A cough is another disruptive seasonal ailment, and what better way to cure it than with chocolate? Dark chocolate’s theobromine compound is proven more effective than codeine at calming a persistent cough, and it doesn’t have the negative side effects of over-the-counter medications such as drowsiness.

As persistent as winter illnesses may be, suffering from a sunburn during the summer months can be unbearably painful. Aloe vera gel is a natural remedy to healing the skin and also acts as a pain reliever. The summer sun can dry out skin, including the lips. You can try rubbing olive oil on your lips two-to-three times a day to soothe and lubricate them. If you are having trouble sleeping, eating some cherries before going to bed can act as a natural sleep-aid. Cherries are filled with melatonin, which is the hormone created within the body to regulate sleep patterns. Lack of sleep can lead to puffy eyes, and applying black tea bags to the eyes may alleviate the inflammation. Dip a teabag in hot water and then chill it in the fridge so it can be used as a cold compress to tighten the skin under the eyes. Black tea is filled with compounds called tannins that are able to tighten under-eye skin.

Although there are many medications that can be prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter, many individuals and families choose to try an all-natural remedy before resorting to costly antibiotics and medications. Natural wellness is a viable option for those looking to live and heal in the most wholesome way possible.