Completing a Texas HUD Section 8 application is the next step after a housing candidate discovers that he or she may meet Section 8 eligibility requirements. To register for Section 8 housing program benefits, the candidate must accomplish several tasks, such as gather documents, contact a housing authority and fill out an application form. Housing assistance candidates can find out how to apply for section 8 housing in TX by reading through the following sections:

  • Preparing to register for Section 8 housing program benefits in Texas
  • How to sign up for Section 8 in TX
  • The HUD Section 8 application process in TX
  • How to check status for Section 8 application in Texas

Preparing to Register for Section 8 Housing Program benefits in Texas

Before beginning the HUD Section 8 application process, applicants should gather some useful documents and materials. During the Section 8 application process, the housing applicant will have to provide the PHA with accurate information about household income, assets and family composition. Some helpful documents to show income level might include pay stubs or IRS tax forms, unemployment payment records and pension or social security checks. Applicants can also show records for qualifying deductible expenses such as childcare, disability assistance, and certain medical expenses. After candidates register for Section 8 housing program benefits, the PHA will verify household income information by checking it out with employers, banks and other government agencies. The PHA will calculate an annual figure and use this information to determine the candidate’s eligibility, amount of benefits and housing unit size.

To register for section 8 housing program benefits, the applicant household must also provide a Social Security Number (SSN) for each household member who is six years of age or older. Alternatively, a household member can sign a form verifying that he or she has not yet received a SSN. Applicants must show the Public Housing Authority (PHA) a SSN card or one of the following documents if it contains the SSN:

  • Driver’s license
  • Government identification card
  • Medical insurance identification card
  • Employer or trade union identification card
  • Payroll stubs
  • Bank statements
  • IRS Form 1099
  • Life insurance policy
  • Court records

To sign up for Section 8, Petitioners with an eligible immigration status must show an original Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) document proving the claimed immigration status. The PHA will verify the status with INS. Among other options, some examples of acceptable documents include a Form I-551 Alien Registration Receipt Card or a Form I-6888 Temporary Resident Card annotated with Section 245A or Section 210.

How to Sign Up for Section 8 in TX

Candidates can begin a HUD Section 8 Application by contacting the nearest PHA office to check if the PHA is currently accepting applications. Sometimes, a PHA has expended its annual budget or has a waiting list that is too long, and will therefore have a closed application. Housing assistance applicants can ask a PHA when the application will open next.

If the PHA office is currently accepting applications, the PHA will show the candidate how to apply for Section 8 housing in accordance with local standards. Unfortunately, no central online application for low income housing in Texas is currently available. However, an online application for low income housing may be available through a housing petitioner’s local PHA.

The HUD Section 8 Application Process in TX

Learning how to apply for section 8 housing in Texas requires applicants to understand several forms and procedures. The PHA mandates that every member of the applicant household sign a document certifying his or her status as a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen. An ineligible non-citizen member of an applicant household may sign a form that states his or her choice to acknowledge ineligibility. While HUD only requires a statement claiming citizenship for U.S. citizen applicants, local PHAs may request documentation of citizenship, such as a U.S. passport, resident alien card, social security card, registration card or other relevant documentation. In addition to signing the form declaring eligible immigration status and providing proof of eligible status, eligible non-citizens must also sign an additional verification consent form. Local PHAs require applicants to submit any citizenship immigration forms and documents required for the HUD Section 8 Application by the time of eligibility determination. Some families may qualify for a 30-day extension.

Any household member that is age 18 or older must also sign an Authorization for Release of Information/Privacy Act Notice form, which allows the PHA to gather information about applicants from government agencies and both past and present employers.

How to Check Status for Section 8 Application in Texas

After registering for the Section 8 Housing program, candidates approved by the PHA will be notified that they have become eligible for Section 8 housing. Usually, the PHA will place the approved candidate on a low income housing waiting list. The PHA will provide eligible candidates with a housing voucher. Some petitioners may want to check status for Section 8 application in Texas while waiting for the section 8 housing authority to return a Section 8 application decision. These housing candidates can contact the local PHA to inquire about application status.