Children value their own unique space, and fortunately, you do not have to spend a lot of money to provide them with a customized room. Below are a few ways you can stylize your child’s room on a tight budget.

Reupholster a headboard or create one yourself. If your child’s room has a bed frame with a headboard, you can easily cover the headboard with some inexpensive fabric and keep it in place with a staple gun, hammer and tacks or fabric glue. You can also create your own headboard out of inexpensive materials like foam or particleboard. Choose a fabric in your kid’s favorite color and pattern, or have them pick something out at the store. For an even easier headboard re-design, simply drape a quilt over the headboard.

Paint a wall mural. If you and your child feel like getting creative, you can design and paint a wall mural. Creating a mural costs less than purchasing wallpaper, and it can provide a great weekend bonding opportunity. Start brainstorming with your child by getting ideas from his or her favorite books.

Decorate with your child’s art. If your kid makes arts and crafts projects at school, take a few of his or her favorites and place them in inexpensive, used or discarded picture frames. To complement your child’s framed art, you can also frame images from old books, greeting cards and calendars. You can paint the frames to match other colors in the room.

Instead of using frames, you can also try hanging items on string or wire using clothespins. Hang your child’s 3-D art projects (like papier-Mache masks) with just a little string and a hook or nob.

Spend on furniture that will last. You do not have to spend a fortune on furniture for your child’s room. Yard sales and online bargains are great sources for furniture that you can paint or reupholster. Just be sure to purchase items that your child can continue to use as he or she gets older. Avoid spending money on furniture, like toddler beds and cribs, which your child will quickly outgrow.

Make a DIY canopy: If your child would like a canopy bed, you can do it on the cheap with a few simple hooks in the ceiling and some sheer fabric draped over the bed.

Create rugs with leftover carpeting. If there is a carpeting store nearby, ask them if they have any carpet scraps. Many of these stores will sell leftover pieces of carpet for next to nothing. Use scissors and, if necessary, some sewing materials, to create inexpensive rugs in your kid’s favorite colors.

Save boxes and other containers for under-the-bed storage. Hang on to sturdy cardboard boxes or empty baskets and use them as a container for toys. Glue on some pictures from magazines or old books to make them visually appealing, and slide them under the bed to save space in your child’s room.

Put books on display: If there is shelving in your child’s room, place his or her books on it with the covers facing out. The colorful images on children’s book covers will add brightness to the room. Making them visible in this way will also encourage your child to keep reading.