1. Q: Can I receive food stamps if I am already receiving food assistance?

A: Yes, you can still receive food stamps if you’re already receiving food assistance from other programs. Please be sure to mention all allowances and benefit payments received each month when completing the food stamps application.

2. Q: How do I know if a store accepts food stamps?

A: Most stores that accept food stamps as payment will have a visible sign outside of the establishment that reads, “We Welcome Lone Star.” Food stamps are accepted at most large franchise grocery stores and many smaller food stores in Texas.

3. Q: I was approved for SNAP in TX, but I am only eligible for three months. Why?

A: Generally, adults who are able bodied, under the age of 60, and free of dependents are only conditionally approved for food stamps. Applicants who fall under this criterion may only be eligible for SNAP benefits for a period of three months every three years.

4. Q: What documents do I need to show to prove my income on the food stamps application?

A: Income can be proven through pay stubs, a recent bank statement, tax forms or a statement from the applicant’s employer. It is also helpful to account for any medical, child care, and living costs on the application.

5. Q: Can I still apply for food stamps if I am a military veteran? 

A: Yes, military veterans who meet the income requirement are eligible to receive food stamps in Texas. Be sure to have your military ID and relevant military forms as proof of military service when completing the SNAP application.

6. Q: What other food assistance programs may I be eligible for? 

A: Petitioners with financial need who were approved for food stamps may also be eligible for WIC (the Women, Infant and Children program) if they are pregnant, nursing, or have given birth within the last six months. Applicants may be eligible for the CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program) if they are at least 60 years of age and meet the income requirements.

7. Q: What do I do if my Lone Star Card is lost or stolen? 

A: Call the Lone Star Card hotline immediately to report the card as lost or stolen. The card’s funds will be locked until a new Lone Star Card is mailed. Stolen benefits cannot be reimbursed.

8. Q: Can I use food stamps when I go out to eat at a restaurant? 

A: No, food stamps benefits can only be used to buy food at participating grocery stores. Restaurants and fast food establishments do not accept food stamps as payment. SNAP benefits cannot be used to purchase any food that is hot or already prepared.

9. Q: Am I eligible for SNAP if I live in a group home or nursing home?

A: Usually, individuals who reside in a group living organization are not eligible for SNAP benefits because they are already provided food several times each day. However, If you live in a group home or nursing home that houses less than eight people, then you may be eligible for food stamps benefits.

10. Q: Can I have more than one Lone Star Card?

A: A second Lone Star Card may be requested so that another person is able to purchase food on behalf of the cardholder. The second card will be connected to the same account as the original card. The second Lone Star Card will have a different pin than the first card.

11. Q: Can I use food stamps to buy a live animal that I plan on cooking and eating?

A: You can use SNAP benefits to purchase live fish and shellfish to cook and eat from grocery stores. Food stamps are generally not accepted to purchase live birds or mammals for consumption.

12. Q: How long can I receive food stamps benefits for?

A: You may receive food stamps assistance indefinitely, as long as you meet the income and other eligibility requirements. If you are under the age of 60, able bodied, and claim no dependents, then you may only be eligible for food stamps for a three-month period every three years.

13. Q: Can I use my food stamps in another state? 

A: Yes, the Lone Star Card should still work in other states in stores that accept food stamps as payment. Before leaving Texas, contact the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and let the customer representative know that you need to use the card in another state.

14. Q: Can other people use my Lone Star Card? 

A: It is illegal for anyone other than the cardholder to use a Lone Star Card in the state of Texas. If you need another person to use your card, you can call and request a second Lone Star Card for the same account.

15. Q: How do I report SNAP fraud? 

A: If you believe that someone is misusing food stamps in Texas, call the Lone Star Card fraud hotline. It is a federal crime to misuse food stamps. Individuals who commit food stamps fraud may be disqualified from receiving SNAP benefits in Texas for life.

16. Q: Can I use food stamps benefits leftover from the previous month? 

A: Yes, unused food benefits will not be lost. All unused food stamps benefits will rollover to the next month to be added with the following month’s benefits. Benefits from a particular month may be used for up to one year.

17. Q: What do I do if I can’t remember my Lone Star Card pin?

A: If you lost your pin, call the Lone Star Card hotline to request a new one. The hotline is available 24/7, so you will be able to receive a new pin immediately. Once a new pin is chosen, the old pin will no longer work.

18. Q: How long will it take me to start receiving benefits after I’ve filled out the food stamps application? 

A: It can take anywhere from one business day to 30 days to begin receiving SNAP benefits. You can check the status of your application online or by calling a Health and Human Services Commission office.

19. Q: How do I check the balance on my Lone Star card? 

A: The balance on your Lone Star Card is printed at the bottom of every receipt when you use your card. You may also call the Lone Star Card hotline at any time to ask about your balance.

20. Q: When do I get my food stamps benefits each month? 

A: The date SNAP benefits are added into your account each month is dependent on the last digit of your Eligibility Determination Group number.

  • If the last digit is 0, benefits are received on the 1st
  • If the last digit is 1, benefits are received on the 3rd
  • If the last digit is 3, benefits are received on the 5th
  • If the last digit is 4, benefits are received on the 7th
  • If the last digit is 5, benefits are received on the 9th
  • If the last digit is 6, benefits are received on the 11th
  • If the last digit is 7, benefits are received on the 12th
  • If the last digit is 8, benefits are received on the 13th
  • If the last digit is 9, benefits are received on the 15th

What are benefits for Texas residents?

The State of Texas offers a wide array of benefits and services to the residents of Texas at home and abroad. These benefits include health care, housing assistance, unemployment assistance and a variety of programs for families to assist with food and health expense. Many individuals and families qualify for several of these programs. Complete the survey and download our guide to find helpful information on all of Texas Benefits along with details about eligibility and instructions for how to apply here.

Who is eligible for Texas benefits?

The State of Texas extends benefits to those who qualify. Families, individuals who have lost their job, persons with disabilities and elderly residents are usually those who will benefit the most from Texas’s social welfare programs. For a comprehensive list of the requirements for each of Texas’ programs please complete the survey and download our guide.