Texas TANF benefits can be distributed on a monthly basis or as a one-time payment for eligible applicants. Annually, Texas receives funds from the federal government which the state must match to meet federal guidelines. The TANF program works to help families with children out of poverty, and to improve the quality of life. TANF benefit payments are based on various financial and non-financial qualifying factors. For Texas to maintain federal participation in the TANF benefits program the state must be able to show that the program is helping children stay and be cared for in their home, and that parents are becoming self-sufficient by obtaining and maintaining a job through various training and employment programs. The Texas Health and Human services department must also work to promote two-parent families and prevent out-of-wedlock pregnancies. Learn more on how to get TANF benefits in Texas by reading the following sections:

  • Stipulations of Texas TANF Benefits
  • How to Get TANF Benefits in Texas
  • Texas Works Program

Stipulations of Texas TANF Benefits

Adults who apply for TX TANF benefits must be a specified relative of a child, and the child must be living in the household with the adult. Specified relatives are considered to be parents, grandparents, siblings, first cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Texas must also establish the care for the child criteria is met. There are two forms of criteria; day-to-day care, as well as care and control. Day-to-day care includes feeding, transporting and other daily essentials. Care and control refers to financial support and child supervision. These facts must be determined when applying for Texas TANF benefits to receive all benefits possible under state law.For applicants are approved to get TANF benefits, initial payments are sent the relative whose care a benefitting child is under. Payments are either made for part of the month or the whole month, depending on eligibility, and when the child was placed in the home. Cash benefits are based upon the Federal Poverty Income Limit which Texas reviews every year.

How to Get TANF Benefits in Texas

The Texas TANF benefits online application is a convenient way for petitioners to apply for benefits. Using the website, petitioners will set up an account, then complete the online form and submit it.  Applications to get TANF benefits can also be completed in person at a local Health and Human Services office. In Texas residents, can also apply to get TANF benefits application assistance from a staff member. Additionally, petitioners for TX TANF can fill out a paper form by printing one online and mailing it in. Petitioners can request the forms online or by phone.

Applications for TX TANF benefits are taken within 45 days of receipt of a signed and completed form. Every 12 months, TANF eligibility is re-evaluated in Texas. Determined funds will be placed on an EBT card or a warrant. These warrants are not the typical means for funds distribution, and are only rarely. A warrant can be distributed for a One-time TANF, One-Time grandparent TANF and if requesting a manual process.

Texas Works Programs

Petitioners who get TANF benefits are required to also apply for other welfare programs for which they are eligible. This would include Medicaid benefits to help with medical needs for the child. Texas SNAP also known as food stamps which allows petitioners to buy food each month. Texas TANF beneficiaries will also be eligible to participate and receive WIC benefits. This program is for pregnant women and parents with children younger than the ag of five.  Child support payments, if applicable, will be deducted from monthly TANF benefits. Petitioners should also seek child support payments when eligible. Beneficiaries should take advantage of the career and employment services.

There are other support services under Texas Works like help with child care and transportation. Transportation TANF benefits will provide vouchers for public transportation, help with driving examination, a monthly gas allowance and help with car repairs. Child care assistance is given to help TANF benefits participants look for jobs, go to work and conduct employment activities. Texas TANF benefits can be rolled over for one year as a transitionary means. The transition benefits that can be rolled over include Medicaid and child care. Transition TX TANF benefits can last up to one year, and are dependent upon the parent being employed during that time.