1. What assistance can a grandparent receive when raising a grandchild?

There are three TANF programs that grandparents can qualify for. Texas TANF benefits can be given solely to the grandchild, benefits can be received by the grandparent and grandchild at the same time or a one-time TANF benefits for the grandparent.

2. When receiving TX TANF can I apply for other assistance programs?

Yes, when applying for TANF, petitioners will also be able to apply for SNAP benefits and Medicaid. The programs have similar requirements and can be obtained simultaneously. There are also local centers that can provide other assistance, such as child care.

3. Can you apply for benefits again after leaving the program?

The total amount of time an adult can receive TANF benefits in Texas is 60 months. If a petitioner leaves the program prior to the 60-month time limit and later needs assistance he or she can reapply for benefits.

4. How can I get help to get off Texas Welfare programs?

When meeting with a case worker, petitioners will work on building a plan to become self-sufficient and move off of welfare. The plan will include job training and job search assistance. Petitioners can also get help with furthering their education.

5. Do benefits stop the moment someone begins working?

No, benefits do not come to a complete halt upon employment. Texas TANF benefits will slowly be reduced depending on how much the beneficiary is making from work. Other benefits may still be received like SNAP regardless of lessening TANF cash benefits.

6. Can petitioners appeal a benefits decision?

If a petitioner disagrees with the Department of Health and Human services decision, he or she can appeal the decision by first speaking with a case manager. The case manager can review the files and reach a redetermination or further instruct you on appeals.

7. Is child care offered when receiving TANF and looking for employment?

Yes, child care is offered to allow parent to conduct job search activities and go on interviews. Child care cost will increase as the income of the parent increases. Assistance paying for child care can be received after employment is found.

8. Do I need to be receiving child support to apply for TANF benefits?

If the parents of the child who the TANF benefits are being applied are not together, the parent taking care of the child must seek child support payments. Parents must work with DHS to establish paternity and seek child support.

9. How are TANF benefits disbursed?

Texas has a Lone Star Card where TANF benefits are automatically applied every month. The benefits are typically issued at the beginning of the month. One-time benefit payments may be issued using a warrant instead of the Lone Star Card.

10.   Are there age restrictions to apply for Texas TANF benefits?

Children must be younger than the age of 18 and be enrolled in school. Grandparents must be older than the age of 45 and have the child living in their home. Young parents must be at 16 years of age and living at home to apply for TANF benefits.

11. How many times can you apply for a one-time TANF benefit payment?

One-time benefit payments can only be applied for and received once a year. This program is used in a time of crisis and is not on a recurring schedule.

12. What if I do not have access to internet to complete a TANF application online?

There ae several methods in which to apply for TANF benefits, including in-person and over the phone. Petitioners can also have an application mailed to the residence. All applications must be signed to be considered valid.

13 .  What happens if the parent does not qualify for benefits, can the child apply?

In some cases, the parent or guardian is found ineligible to receive benefits. Parents can then apply on behalf of the child to obtain TANF benefits payments. Children will have different eligibility requirements than adults.

14.   Are there exceptions to the employment requirement when receiving Texas TANF?

Yes, there are petitioners who cannot work due to a disability or hardship and are therefore exempt from participating in work search activities. There are cases where petitioners may be exempt for a period of time due to certain circumstances.

15.   After 60 months, can beneficiaries apply for a TANF extension?

There are certain cases where beneficiaries can apply for an extension of benefits if they meet hardship requirements. Extensions can be for an additional 24 months. Some extension cases will be due to a disability, domestic violence and mental illness cases.

16.  Can TX TANF benefits be terminated prior to the 60-month time limit?

If a petitioner does not follow the established guidelines of the program, benefits will be lowered or terminated. The benefits will be removed from the entire household and petitioners may not be able to re-open a case for a period of time.

17. What is the Choices program?

The Choices program assists TANF beneficiaries to meet the employment requirement through various job search tools. The program also offers basic education and training for petitioners to advance their skills and become work ready.

18. What is Welfare to Work in Texas?

The welfare to work module in Texas aims to move beneficiaries off state welfare programs and become independent. Texas provides resources through the program to transition from welfare and into the workforce successfully.

19.  What can TANF benefit funds be used for?

Texas TANF benefits are issued to families in need to care for the children in the household. Funds should be used for the child’s betterment on things such as clothing, housing expenses, medical needs, food, household supplies and transportation. The funds are used for essential needs of the child.

20. Are there income limits to be art of the program?

The TANF programs is based primarily on a parent or guardians’ income. Parents cannot exceed the designated threshold of the case. There are also maximum monthly limits that parents and children can receive through TANF. There are different income restrictions for children, parents and grandparents.