Preparing to find a job can seem scary, especially if it is your first job. Luckily, there are various resources that can help prepare you to begin your search and land a job. Other times petitioners are looking to advance their career and are looking for more training and refreshers on the current industry they are in. The key to either scenario is to know where to go and to have a plan. There are resources for what to do to prepare for the job search, conduct the job search and what to do after landing the job. There are local Job Corps and CareerOneStop centers that offer services to help further advance your career and find a new job in your chosen career path.

To learn more about the tools and programs to help with your career search read the following sections:

  • CareerOneStop
  • Job Corps


CareerOneStop provides a variety of services for all job search needs. There are different training programs for high school equivalency training and adult education like basic math and English. There are also short-term training programs which last less than two years which provide certifications which lead to better jobs and promotions. CareerOneStop offers apprenticeship programs which allow petitioners to get hands-on experience while still receiving classroom instruction. Apprenticeships are paid and programs can last anywhere from one to six years’ time. The most popular career apprenticeships are mechanics, construction workers and electricians. The center can also help you find unpaid internships that earn you work experience.

Finding a job can be difficult without the proper tools and programs. CareerOneStop has many tools to help build a resume and cover letter. Petitioners will also learn about building a portfolio and interview tips. They will learn what to do after an interview and how to negotiate your salary. CareerOneStop has job search systems for petitioners to use and has periodic job fairs. Networking is a key factor in advancing your professional career and building references.

Job Corps

The U. S Department of Labor provides Job Corps for young adults between the age of 16 and 24. All services are provided at no cost to eligible students. The program provides career training services and aims to connect employers with skilled workers. Job Corps has several phases that require participation. The first phase is the Outreach and Admissions phase where petitioners will learn about Job Corp and all the services offered. The Career Preparation period will teach students how to make a career development plan and how to conduct an efficient job search. The career development period will test students on academic skills, personal management skill and will then have the students begin his or her job search. The final phase is the Career Transition Period where graduates of the program will start at their new job and will get help finding transportation, finding living arrangements— if needed — and family support resources. Graduates can continue to use services after graduating from the program.