Parents in Texas often ask how to apply for TANF and what are the program benefits. TANF also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a program administered by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to help families with children or pregnant women who need cash and medical assistance. This is typically due to job loss or underemployment. The program has time limits and sub section programs like on-time TANF and the grandparent TANF. Texas HHSC has established various methods for petitioners to apply for TANF benefits including a TANF online application and a mobile app. Learn about other ways to sign up for TANF program in the following sections:

  • Where to Apply for TANF in Texas
  • Texas TANF Online Application
  • Verification Documents Needed for Texas TANF

Where to Apply for TANF

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has a variety of options where to apply for TANF to make it accessible to all petitioners. Texas TANF benefits applicants can visit a local HHSC partner office to apply in-person and receive assistance with the application process. To further help TANF applicants sign up for TANF program HHSC has partnered with local organizations throughout the state which provide assistance learning about and applying for benefits programs. Organizations that partner with HHSC include faith-based groups, public entities and non-profit organizations. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission trains and certifies each organization how to enroll for TANF so they can assist petitioners interested in the program. These services are provided free of charge by each organization.

How to apply for TANF using a paper application is simple. Petitioners can print the form out themselves or have the form mailed by requesting it online or by phone. The paper application will need to be completed, signed and dated prior to mailing it to HHSC. Texas TANF benefits are intended to help children and families who are struggling financially due to underemployment or unemployment. The child must be younger than the age of 19 and be attending school. Parents can apply for themselves and on behalf of the child. There are cases where a parent cannot sign up for TANF program but the child can. In other cases, both parent and child may be eligible to receive TANF benefits.

Texas TANF Online Application

Before completing an online application for TANF benefits petitioners should have information ready about cost of bills, money from jobs or other source of income and property values for cars or homes owned. The Texas TANF online application will also ask for the Social Security Number and birth date of the applicant. Citizenship and immigration status will also be required to complete an application. Petitioners will need to set up an account, fill out the online form and submit the completed application along with any other requested forms using the online platform.

After completing a TANF online application petitioners will be able to login at any time and check the status of benefits, renew and reapply for benefits. Using the online platform petitioners will also be able to upload documents and report changes related to the open case. Texas also has a mobile app where petitioners can access and manage Texas TANF benefits along with other benefit programs they have applied for. By offering various methods where to apply for TANF, petitioners have better access to apply for benefits and receive assistance for all Texas benefits programs.

Verification Documents Needed for Texas TANF

Regardless of the method in which a petitioner applies for Texas TANF benefits will require copies of documents to process the case and verify eligibility. Adults must provide proof of income in the form of the last three paystubs or a statement from an employer. The latest statement for any bank accounts the petitioner has. The adult must show proof the child, the benefits are being applied for, is related to him or her. Proof of relation can be through a birth certificate or hospital record. Citizenship status must be provided when submitting a TANF online application for both the child and the adult. Documents that can be presented are a U.S passport, birth certificate or hospital records.

To receive TANF benefits children must be up to date with vaccines and vaccination records will need to be provided. To sign up for TANF program in Texas children must be living with the adult applying for benefits. Proof of living arrangements can be shown with a signed statement from a landlord or neighbor.  A copy of a health insurance card or policy documents can be provided to show proof of health insurance. When applicable petitioners who sign up for TANF program will be required to show court papers stating the payment or receipt of child support payments. Each case is different and may not require all of these forms but having a copy ready will speed up the application process.