In the state of Texas, residents may claim unemployment benefits by contacting the Texas Workforce Commission. Eligible applicants may file an unemployment benefits claim online or by telephone. However, claiming benefits for unemployment requires that applicants actively search for work, document job searching activities and be readily available to report to work. Applicants can find out how to claim unemployment benefits by reviewing the vital information available in the sections below. Additionally, unemployment benefits extensions are not available in the state of Texas at this time.

To get federal unemployment benefits in Texas, review the sections below:

  • Federal unemployment benefits eligibility in Texas
  • How to file an unemployment benefits claim in Texas
  • Claiming benefits for unemployment in Texas
  • Details about unemployment benefits extension in Texas
  • How to claim unemployment benefits on Federal Income Taxes in Texas

Federal Unemployment Benefits Eligibility in Texas

Unemployment insurance is available to eligible Texas residents who need short-term financial assistance in the event of a job loss. Federal unemployment benefits are available to Texas residents who have been laid off or who have been fired for reasons other than misconduct. Residents who were terminated due to misconduct may not file an unemployment benefits claim.

Eligible unemployment benefits claims are available to Texas workers who willingly quit their job for moral reasons, such as relocating with a military spouse, unsafe working conditions, not getting paid in a timely manner, changes in the hiring agreement, a work-related injury or illness, caring for a medically-ill child or spouse or if the applicant has been a victim of stalking, family violence, or sexual assault. Additionally, eligible residents must claim unemployment benefits appropriately.

How to File an Unemployment Benefits Claim in Texas

Residents may wonder how to claim unemployment benefits in the state of Texas. First, several documents and information must be gathered to complete an unemployment application either online or by telephone. Applicants must submit:

  • The applicant’s pay rate, if he or she worked during the week of unemployment registration
  • The number of hours that the applicant worked during the week of unemployment registration
  • The start and end date in which the applicant worked for his or her employer
  • The applicant’s normal range of pay
  • The business name, phone number and address of the applicant’s employer
  • If a non-citizen plans to claim unemployment benefits, the applicant’s Alien Registration Number must be provided

Next, applicants may file an unemployment benefits claim by contacting the Texas Workforce Commission by telephone or by completing an online application. Unemployment benefits claimants can expect to hear back about the status of his or her application within four weeks.

Claiming Benefits for Unemployment in Texas

To receive federal unemployment benefits, applicants are encouraged to request a payment either online or by telephone after one two two weeks of applying for unemployment benefits. The applicant’s first payment usually only includes one week of pay. However, claimants may continue to request federal unemployment benefits every two weeks.

To claim unemployment benefits, applicants must be physically and mentally able to work. To file an ongoing unemployment benefits claim, claimants must document job search activities, accept appropriate work offers and participate in re-employment activities, as necessary. Federal unemployment benefits claimants must regularly search, apply for and interview for suitable work.

Details About Unemployment Benefits Extension in Texas

At this point in time, residents may not file for an unemployment benefits extension in the state of Texas. Extensions in TX federal unemployment benefits are only available during periods of high unemployment rates.

However, claimants are encouraged to keep his or her address on file with the Texas Workforce Commission in case an unemployment benefits extension becomes available. Eligible recipients will be notified by mail if an extension is available.

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits on Federal Income Taxes in Texas

All federal unemployment benefits must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Eligible unemployment benefits claimants may have ten percent of his or her gross amount withheld from each unemployment payment. Additionally, applicants who wish to claim unemployment benefits may complete the Texas Workforce Commission’s Federal Tax Withholding Form to stop or start federal tax withholding at any time.

To successfully report federal unemployment benefits on a Federal Income Tax Return, applicants should report his or her benefits by entering the Texas Workforce Commission Federal ID number (74-2764775).

Additionally, unemployment benefits claimants must report the amount of his or her unemployment benefits, the amount of federal income tax withheld, any child support payments that have been deducted from his or her benefits and the Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) and Reemployment Trade Adjustment (TAA) payments.