Prior to December 28, 2013, unemployment compensation extensions were available in the state of Texas through the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program (EUC). At this point in time, there are no available opportunities to receive a federal unemployment extension in Texas. The Texas Workforce Commission has not made extended benefits available since 2013. However, applicants interested in learning about how to get an unemployment extension can read through the topics below. Texas pays unemployment compensation extensions when unemployment rates are high, so applicants are encouraged to keep their current address on file.

To learn about federal unemployment extensions in Texas, review the sections below:

  •  How to get an unemployment benefits extension in Texas
  • Are unemployment extensions available in Texas?
  • What can I do to extend unemployment in Texas?
  • Federal unemployment extension and tax preparation in Texas
  • Details about unemployment benefits extensions in Texas

How to Get an Unemployment Benefits Extension in Texas

Currently, an unemployment benefits extension is not available to workers in the state of Texas. However, the Texas Workforce Commission encourages all residents to keep his or her address on file in the case that an unemployment extension becomes available. Additionally, other resources are available to Texas job seekers in need of temporary financial assistance, mortgage assistance and job search resources.

Are Unemployment Extensions Available in Texas?

If an applicant is wondering, “What can I do to extend unemployment?” he or she should be aware that there are no current extensions available in the state of Texas. Federal unemployment extensions are only available during periods of high unemployment rates in Texas. Unemployment compensation extensions may also become available when the U.S. Congress endorses legislation to create a federal unemployment extension program.

If an unemployment benefits extension becomes available in the state of Texas, all potential recipients will be notified via mail. In case a federal unemployment extension becomes available, unemployment claimants should keep their mailing addresses updated and accurate at all times. To prepare for an unemployment compensation extension, applicants may update their address by logging into his or her Unemployment Benefits Services account or by contacting a Texas Workforce Commission Customer Service Representative.

What Can I Do to Extend Unemployment in Texas?

If an applicant is wondering, “How can I extend unemployment?” in the state of Texas, he or she has limited options for extending unemployment benefits. Applicants wondering how to get an unemployment extension can keep an updated address on file with the Texas Workforce Commission to be contacted if an extension becomes available.

While no unemployment extensions are available at this time, applicants can take other measures to reduce excess costs that help to bring in supplemental income. First, applicants may enlist the help of the Workforce Solutions Offices to search for new employment, and attend job fairs, job training programs and informational seminars.

211Texas is another service available to unemployed workers wondering how to get an unemployment extension. 211Texas helps to connect workers to programs that assist the unemployed with rent, food, transportation, utility costs, child support, child care and more.

Even though federal unemployment extensions are not available, applicants can still receive mortgage assistance through the Making Home Affordable Program (MHA). The MHA Program offers temporary mortgage assistance to help applicants avoid foreclosure. Additionally, applicants inquiring about how to get an unemployment extension can also benefit from the programs of the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), which helps the unemployed obtain health insurance and a pension plan after a job loss.

Federal Unemployment Extension and Tax Preparation in Texas

While applicants cannot obtain an unemployment extension, other types of assistance are available. The IRS offers a program called the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to help qualifying individuals in need of tax return assistance. VITA programs are conveniently located at local libraries, schools, shopping malls and neighborhood or community centers. Additionally, older workers in need of an unemployment benefits extension can benefit from a variety of job seeker resources provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. Examples include the National Older Worker Career Center, Seniors4Hire, Retired Brains and Jobs 4.0.

Details About Unemployment Benefits Extensions in Texas

If an applicant has received all of his or her eligible benefits in a given year, then there are no further benefits available for distribution. However, the Texas Workforce Commission will notify qualifying individuals by mail if a federal unemployment extension does become available.