The Texas Workforce Commission offers job seekers an abundance of job-search tools and resources. Texas job seekers can use the Texas Workforce Commission to participate in adult learning, find training providers and plan for occupational and vocational training. Additionally, Texas job seekers can use the provided resources to plan for a college education. Texas Workforce Solutions is another great tool for job seekers looking to obtain career development resources. To learn more about how to use the Texas unemployment office to jumpstart your career search, review the sections below:

  • Find Texas training providers
  • Plan for occupational and vocational training in Texas
  • Participate in Texas career development
  • Resources for Texas job applicants older than 50

Find Texas Training Providers

Under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, eligible job seekers may be able to receive funding for occupational training in the state of Texas. Interested job seekers should contact a local Texas Workforce Center to inquire about services. Qualifying unemployment applicants in Texas may benefit from the Eligible Training Provider System, which is an online database that lets job seekers search for local training providers. Applicants have the option to search between a desired field of study, occupation, or program name. In addition to providing residents with unemployment benefits, the Texas Workforce Commission also offers job seekers one of the largest job-search databases in the state of Texas. Workers can register for work, receive cover letter and resume writing tips and begin searching for appropriate employment.

Plan for Occupational and Vocational Training in Texas

College and career schools may also be available to eligible applicants who need training to perform a specific job. Through the Texas Workforce Commission’s program, online or in-person training may be available. Additionally, the State Training Inventory helps Texas job seekers locate workforce and job training programs in the state of Texas.

Participate in Texas Career Development

The Texas Workforce Commission offers job seekers many useful services for finding training programs and jobs in one’s desired field of study. Training programs include the Job Corps, CareerOneStop and Texas Work Prep.

The Texas Workforce Solutions also offers Texas job seekers tools and resources to help job applicants succeed. Through Texas Workforce Solutions, unemployment applicants can take advantage of job search resources, find current information on the Texas labor market, discover upcoming job fairs, seminars and training sessions and learn about on-the-job training programs, child care assistance and transportation resources. Texas Workforce Solutions also offer job seekers access to computers and fax machines.

Additionally, 211Texas offers job seekers assistance with finding work, education and training resources in the state of Texas. To use 211Texas, residents simply need to enter their zip code on the 211Texas website to find a nearby location. The services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at no charge to job seekers. The mission of 211Texas is to connect citizens with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Resources for Texas Job Applicants Older Than 50

For job applicants over the age of 50, additional job search resources are available, including Your Encore, Seniors4Hire, Retired Brains, Corporate Gray, Jobs 4.0 and the National Older Worker Career Center. Older job applicants in need of employment services are encouraged to get in touch with these organizations.