The Texas Workforce Commission offers many programs and services to Texas residents who need temporary financial assistance. Job search resources, career planning and skill development courses are all available to unemployed workers in Texas. Additionally, other need-based programs are also available. These programs include additional job search resources, financial assistance, mortgage assistance, health insurance and tax preparation assistance. To learn more about the aid programs available to unemployed Texas residents, review the sections below:

  • Job seeker tools and resources in Texas
  • Need-based programs available to Texas residents
  • Other Texas programs to consider

Job Seeker Tools and Resources in Texas

The Texas Workforce Commission offers unemployed workers a helpful way to search for open positions, apply for jobs, create a new resume and write a cover letter. The Commission also provides tips for job interviews and career planning. The Career Exploration and Trends section of the Texas Workforce Commission’s website is a useful tool for job seekers. Unemployed applicants can use the website to compare trending occupations, wages and learn about the Texas job market. Training and educational resources are also provided by the Texas Workforce Commission. These programs can help adult learners obtain new skills as he or she searches for new employment after a job loss.

Need-Based Programs Available to Texas Residents

Additional financial assistance services are available to unemployed Texas residents. 211Texas provides unemployed workers with financial assistance to help pay for rent, food, utilities, child care and more. Information regarding 211Texas can be obtained online or by telephone. Mortgage assistance services and tax preparation services are also available to unemployed Texas residents. The mortgage assistance program falls under the Making Home Affordable program and the tax preparation program is provided by the Volunteer Income Tax Initiative. The Making Home Affordable program can be accessed online and the Volunteer Income Tax Initiative can be accessed online or via telephone.

For applicants in need of health insurance assistance, the Employee Benefits Security Administration offers assistance with health insurance coverage, pension plans and more. The Texas Workforce Commission also offers job searching resources for workers over the age of 50. Additionally, the Texas Workforce Solutions offices are available to assist job seekers with finding appropriate work-related initiatives.

Other Texas Programs to Consider

In addition to providing many useful resources and tools to unemployed job seekers, the Texas Workforce Commission is also available to provide additional guidance as needed. To protect applicants from falling for a job scam, job seekers can check with the Commission’s job scams database and file a complaint about a new employment scam, if needed.

Since applicants need to document job searching activities while collecting unemployment, the Commission also offers a free work search log that applicants can use to document jobs applied for, including the date of application, company contact information and more. This useful tool can also be used to follow up with potential employers and help applicants track any correspondence they receive from different jobs.